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Changing the footer after installation

If you want to change the URL links to your Terms & Conditions or your support contact details, you will need to edit the file "config.php" with a text editor or the editor built in to your webhost control panel file manager.

If you paid for a DFY installation, just shoot us a message to the help desk with the logins to your cPanel and the information you want added.

If you did a self install, you can locate your "config.php" file on your server.  Open the file with a text editor and  look for the following lines of code:

<br><br><br><hr><div style="color:#777; font:size:14px; display:block; float:left;">(C)2023 Your Software Name - For terms click <a href="terms.php" target="_BLANK">HERE</a></div><div style="color:#777; float:right">Click <a href="">HERE</a> for support</div><br><hr>

IMPORTANT! Ensure those two lines stay intact!


You can edit the HTML inside however you wish. The basics are:

  • To update your software's name - change the text in green
  • To update the URL to your Terms&Conditions - change the text in orange
  • To update your support contact details - change the text in purple

Be sure to save and exit after your changes. Then be sure to do a hard refresh when you access your site to pull the changes from the server since any cached page will still show the original footer.


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