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Instant AI Profits!  Sell Access To Your Own Powerful AI Prompt Generator With This Instant White Label SaaS Business In A Box!

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$47 | Retail: $197 | Save 75%

Note: Current Discount Only Guaranteed Until Friday, 14th June  


Your Prompt Buddy White Label License

Within a few short hours you could supercharge your business with your very own ChatGPT AI Software!

  • Sell access to your own AI based SAAS!
  • Earn money on autopilot!
  • Rebrand it and make it YOUR own!

Software sells!  (You already know that)  But it is expensive to have developed and requires a lot of technical skill to even think about instructing a programming team to do it.  That's before you run into problems with alpha and beta versions and revisions.

That's why I've done all the hard work for you!  Just come up with a name and a logo and you have you very own software business ready to go and sell to your adoring fans!

And It's Right On Point harnessing the power of AI!

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few ways you can benefit from a White Label License to 'Your Prompt Buddy':

  • Dominate the market: Get your hands on a powerful software that provides the most popular and in-demand prompts for ChatGPT.  With this white label software license, you'll be able to sell access to a cutting-edge tool that every marketer, content creator, and business owner needs to create high-quality, engaging content in seconds.
  • Save time and effort: The SAAS application makes it easy to choose and customize prompts, so users can create compelling content quickly and efficiently. With the "Run Prompt" button, they can even access the latest GPT Turbo technology to generate top-notch content with just one click without ever leaving your platform!
  • High-profit margins: Sell the software to your own customers for any price you want, without sharing profits with anyone else. This is a low-cost, high-margin opportunity that can help you build a sustainable income stream and scale your business quickly.
  • High demand: As more and more businesses move online, the demand for high-quality content is only going to increase. With this software you'll be able to offer a solution that meets that demand and provides real value to your customers.
  • No limits: There are no restrictions on how many customers you can sell access to the SAAS to, or how much you can charge for access. This means you can scale your business as much as you want and generate as much revenue as possible.
  • Huge potential: With this white label license,  you'll be investing in a powerful tool that has the potential to transform your business and your life. You can build a profitable business that gives you the financial freedom and lifestyle you've always wanted.
  • Flexible branding: You'll have full control over the branding of the SAAS, so you can customize it to match your own branding and messaging. This means you can create a unique and compelling offer that stands out from the crowd and attracts more customers.
  • You get ready to install and customize code that is optimized for production along with the full source code so you can modify the software in any way you choose.

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Get Your Prompt Buddy Now And Start Your SAAS Empire!

$47 | Retail: $197 | Save 75%

Important Don't Miss Out: Current Discount Only Guaranteed Until Friday, 14th June  

  • Single/One Time Payment Only (no hidden costs)
  • FREE Software updates for 12 months included at zero extra cost for 'peace of mind'  (value $97)
  • Sell Unlimited Copies To Your Customers (with zero restrictions)

VERY IMPORTANT:  I need to protect YOUR investment. To do that I need to limit the number of licenses sold.  [REMEMBER: You are buying a software business in a box - ready to go and ready to profit!]

This is a founder's license and by locking in your copy right now you won't ever pay any more! It will shortly move to a much higher price point (and still be worth double) and it will be sold on a recurring annual license. That will, of course, mean less sales for me but the higher price will compensate me. This way both you and I win! I get the same compensation and you get a market without the saturation that could affect your profits.

This is being offered to you today as a ONE OFF LICENSE!
You will never have to pay an annual fee!

That's the best way of limiting the number of licenses whilst still getting a reasonable return for my time and ensuring you can't say no and can start making money straight away by selling access! It's super easy to install, super easy to customize and brand and super easy to add new prompts. It comes with a full step by step guide showing exactly what to do!

Your White Label Software License Explained:

What are the possible uses of the content covered by this license?
You have a wide range of options including selling it as is, rebranding it as your own, editing and repositioning it as needed or combining any of these options for the best outcome (building your list and income). 

Additionally, you have the right to translate the content into foreign languages.

This license is extremely flexible!
However there are certain restrictions. You cannot pass on any rights to others, meaning that your subscribers, customers, affiliates, or partners cannot have White Label rights, reprint/resell rights, or giveaway rights. Basically, you cannot sell/give away/transfer the actual software (even if rebranded) – You can only sell/give away access to it.

If you use this license sell access to this software and make just a few sales, you will recoup your investment quickly. After that, everything you earn is pure profit.

NOTE: We don't normally offer a money back guarantee on White Label products due to their nature BUT we are so confident you will love it that we are happy to give you 14 days to try it and if you don't like it then you will get 100% of your money back!

SUMMARY: You have a license to install this software on one of your domains and rebrand it. You may sell access to it (or give away access) to your rebranded software. You many NOT sell, give away or transfer the software itself.

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